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Bold the character's name and tell us a brief bit about them.

Concept and CreationEdit

Tell us how Chris came up with the idea for this character.


Tell us their history before and during the series. For example

Before TOMEEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit



Tell us their personality in detail. Be sure to make note if they have multiple personalities/personas


Tell us about their abilities in game


Tell us their relationships with all the characters they interact with


Tell us how the fanbase feels about this character


Tell us a bit about who voice acted them

Memorable QuotesEdit

Right down some of their memorable and/or important quotes


Make a gallery and show us some of their moments in series as well as official artwork. Do not go overboard, only a few moments. Mostly artwork should be included.


Tell us little bits about the character. Important things like their voice actor should not be here.

References and External LinksEdit

Use this area to credit sources as well as link proof of some things you say that may be questioned