Rockoon (Raccoon in the original TTA) is an anthromorphic raccoon who is a hacker inTTA and TOME, Rockoon, along with Doubling, are the first hackers to enter TOME in both series after being hired by the D-Buggers Organization.

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Raccoon in Season 2.

 Raccoon is one of the very first D-Bug Org members to be introduced, along with BlingBling. He appears in Mech Valley with BlingBling as they terrorize other players of TOME with their baffling hacking abilities, allowing them to achieve high levels and powerful attacks more quickly then a average user. However, he was defeated by Alpha shortly after Alpha found Kagemamoru's prison in a hidden region. After he was defeated his exp was reverted to 0.Edit

Raccoon is extremally hyper, using forms of "l33t" to get his messages across, the only ones who really can understand him are Kirbopher15 and the D-Bug Organization. He can be extremely impatient at times, which often leads to his downfall in battle.


In the reboot series, Raccoon is renamed "Rockoon" and given a zanier and more mischievous personality. He is initially introduced alongside BlingBling#Tome: Terrain of Magical Expertise like in the original series, but he later makes a solo appearance to get revenge on the main characters by interfering with their quest and eventually possessing the boss enemy of the quest, the fearsome Shadowguard Beast.

While in Shadowguard form, he becomes invincible due to breaking the tip of the ear off from the Shadowguard Idol. Though Rockoon initially knocks Alpha out of the battlegrid in order to prevent him from interfering, Alpha finds the ear and brings it back to the Shadowguard, removing Rockoon's invincibility and allowing the group to defeat the beast. Rockoon then returns to his raccoon form and flees the scene, moving so fast that he runs off the edge the world Wile E. Coyote-style.

A running gag in the series is that everyone refers to Rockoon as a rodent, much to his irritation. He also develops a debilitating fear of Alpha after his initial defeat by Kajet-possessed Alpha.