"TTA 01"
Season 1, Episode 1
The Journey Begins
Production Code: 1
Airdate: August 25, 2004
Director: Chris Niosi
Story: Chris Niosi
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Chris Niosi
"TTA 02"
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"TTA 01" is the first (1st) episode in the first season of TTA. It is the first (1st) episode overall. This episode roughly equates to the first short of TOME, as Alpha and the gang are not shown meeting in the remake and the short is said to happen before epiosde 1.


Alpha joins TOME.

Plot Edit

We are introduced to Alpha and TOME, "Terrain of Magical Expertise" in which he decides to see what's going on in ;Lavendera. He runs into a (guy of authority) named "Mank". Mank is then alerted by Akuma the Hedgehog that two people "Gamecrazed" and "Kirbopher15" are going to take on the hackers of TOME again. We then cut to two hackers, BlingBling and Raccoon, who easily take down the two who try to oppose them. They are talking to each other about a mysterious force their boss sent them after.   Alpha makes it out to a dark area in which he meets Flamegirl. The two engage in conversation as Gamecrazed then realizes a new user (Alpha) logged in as soon as BlingBling and Raccoon started attacking. Kirb rushes in with his sword attempting to attack Alpha.  Alpha makes a few dodges and Gamecrazed makes it in on time. Flamegirl tells him Alpha is a good guy and Alpha is warned about the hackers, "The D-Bug Organization". Gamecrazed and Kirb pledge to help Alpha so that all four of them can team up and fight. Alpha ends with the though "I'll do it, I guess there's more to this place than I thought, a lot more...


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Marks the debut of Alpha, Kirbopher15, Flamegirl, Gamecrazed, Akuma the Hedgehog, Mank, Raccoon and BlingBling.

Cultural ReferencesEdit


  • The episode takes place August 23, 2020.
  • Kirb and Gamecrazed had attempted to defeated Bling Bling and Raccoon five times prior to episode 1.
  • Hackers' EXP always reads as spam.
  • Flamegirl joined "August 23, 2020" (the same day as Alpha).

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Animation/Speech ErrorsEdit

  • When BlingBling says "nauseous" he spells it "naucious" (although Chris notes this and puts "(spell?)" at the end of the sentence).
  • When BlingBling reminds Raccoon they should be looking for something he says "soemthing" instead.
  • When Flamegirl first meets Alpha (who is suposedly "screaming") she says he's breaking numerous internet edicate when it should be "ettiqutte".
  • Within the same line Flamegirl says "in all caps liek that?"


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