"TTA 02"
Season 1, Episode 2
Production Code: 2
Airdate: August 26, 2004
Director: Chris Niosi
Story: Chris Niosi
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Chris Niosi
"TTA 01"
"TTA 03"
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"TTA 02" is the second (2nd) episode in the first season of TTA. It is the second (2nd) episode overall.


Alpha discovers a new power. 

Plot Edit

Alpha and Gamecrazed begin with a spar in which Alpha can't match him. Alpha runs to talk to Flamie and Kirb for a conversation in which Alpha takes the fact he's gonna have to put up with things way stronger than GC's challenges. The group part seperate ways, Flamie and GC staying at the pipe way, Alpha going around Lavendera and Kirb goes to the Forum in which he meets up with old friend White Queen. Kirb tells her about Alpha while he seems to see a door no other can see. It is made evident as one of the users who saw him say "HOLY SH!T, that guy just passed throgh the wall!!!11". Alpha is met with a strange orb which he lets inside of him as it promises to make him stronger. GC and Flamie realize that Raccoon and BlingBling are attacking again...but they're two members short. Kirb and Alpha. Alpha appears with a new found arrogance and pledges to be able to easily crush both Raccoon AND BlingBling. GC doesn't believe he has the power yet, but follows Alpha anyway. Flamie is speechless at this new found confidence. Alpha says he gives the two one chance two leave without a fight, but Raccoon decides to stay and "kill" Alpha. BlingBling says "...the red headed one..." (Alpha) is the thing they were looking for. Alpha ignores the ramble and proceeds to engage in battle.


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  • This episode marks the debut of White Queen.

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  • BlingBling states Alpha is what they've been looking for.

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Animation/Speech ErrorsEdit

  • In the first line Gamecrazed says "Aright" instead of "Alright".
  • After meeting up with Flamegirl and Kirbopher after his sparring match with Gamecrazed, Kirbopher says "a chance agains" instead of a "chance against".
  • When Alpha first discovers the door to the virus he says "That's wierd" instead of "That's weird".

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