"TTA 03"
Season 1, Episode 3
Production Code: 3
Director: August 26, 2004
Story: Chris Niosi
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Chris Niosi
"TTA 02"
"TTA 04"
"TTA 03" is the third (3rd) episode in the first season of TTA. It is the third (3rd) overall.

Synopsis Edit

Alpha and Gamecrazed take on BlingBling and Raccoon.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Alpha giving the hackers one last chance to backdown. They refuse and the four split into two on two battles (Alpha vs. Raccoon and Gamecrazed vs. BlingBling). The battle between Alpha and Raccoon begins and Raccoon is majorily out classed. Not landing a single hit on Alpha, Alpha is easily able to defeat Raccoon. During that battle, Gamecrazed has a pre battle conversation with BlingBling, who reveals his true intentions of wanting Alpha. Kirb and White Queen relax on the deck, when two people come by revealing Alpha and Gamecrazed have gone to combat the hackers. White Queen and Kirb quickly run to the Forum. Meanwhile, Gamecrazed and BlingBling battle is extremely in the favor...of BlingBling. BlingBling prepares his Slime Dragon in which Raccoon comes down defeated and in a seizure. Raccon spits out some random jibberish in which Alpha comes and after being convinced by GC spares Raccoon. He reveals that he destroyed BlingBling's ability to summon the Slime Dragon and took away ALL of his and Raccon's experience points. Closely following three people appear and mercilessly beat BlingBling and Raccoon. Alpha and GC come back to tell the three the tale. They shortly go back to the form to tell everyone. We are than cut away to a mysterious user accompinied by his Demon looking minion. The demon tells the other user that BlingBling and Raccoon found what was needed. The user tells the Demon to go and retrieve Alpha and that if he fails his fate will be worse than BlingBling's AND Raccoon's. The Demon user agrees in which his master tells him he sucks at drama.


Major CharactersEdit

  • Alpha
  • Gamecrazed
  • BlingBling
  • Raccoon

Minor CharactersEdit

  • ?????
  • Demon King
  • Flamegirl
  • Kirbopher
  • White Queen


  • This episode marks the debut of the "mastermind" and Demon King.

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Episodes ConnectionsEdit

  • This episode continues right after episode 2 .

Animation/Speech ErrorsEdit

  • When Raccoon does his punching idle animation a piece of his fist appears behind him.

Continuital ErrorsEdit

Production NotesEdit

  • This is the only episode in both series to get an "M" rating.