"TTA 05"
Season 1, Episode 5
Snipe vs. Kirb
Production Code: 5
Airdate: August 29, 2004
Director: Kirbopher
Story: Kirbopher
Written &
Storyboarded by:
"Episode 4"
"Episode 6"


Kirbopher fights a user with 12 consecutive victories while someone from the D-Bug organization attempts to lure Alpha into a fight.

Plot Edit

We begin the episode with a mysterious user rolling in, in which we cut to our four protagonists (Kirbopher, Alpha, Gamecrazed and Flamie) talking about Dragon Ball Z. The conversation is interuppted in which a user announces an elite battler who's beaten everyone he's battle that morning. Kirb, Gamecrazed and Alpha happily go to the battle deck, but Flamie decides to part way to the chat room Alpha, Kirb and Gamecrazed meet the mysterious user who appeared at the begining: Sniperwave. Another user announces it's Sniperwave's 12th victory in a row in which Kirb challenges him. Alpha goes to check on Flamegirl, already making her way to the forum. Demon King arrives at Nailock also in the chat room at the time. Demon King warns Nailock of a new hacker in which Nailock and Demon King go after Flamie. Kirb is able to use his (Tornado attack) to trap Sniperwave and defeat him. After that Gamecrazed and Kirb go after Alpha, but are stopped by Sniperwave, who wants to tag along. Alpha has beaten Flamie to the forum by a "secret" short cut. Flamie is tricked and goes with the hacker. Alpha meets Demon King and Nailock at the forum only to find out Flamie is kidnapped leaving them with a cliff hanger.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nailock
  • Demon King
  • Alpha
  • Flamegirl
  • Gamecrazed
  • Mank
  • Saturndiva


  • This is the first episode to feature Mank since episode 1.
  • Saturndiva gets her first line in the series in this episode.
  • It's revealed Flamegirl most likely doesn't live in a place where Dragon Ball Z is aired.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • During the begininng Alpha and Kirbopher15 are talking about Dragon Ball Z.


Episodes ConnectionsEdit


  • The two users behind Sniperwave disappear instead of fading like the other non-fighting characters.
  • The grey Burning Kirby's left eye's reflection is pink instead of white.
  • Sniperwave is missing his "Sign-in Date" on his info card.
  • It is unknown how Nailock knows Flamegirl is Alpha's friend seeing how they haven't been seen to interact.

Production NotesEdit