The TOME Adventure is an April Fools Prank conducted by Devon Mack Jr. and Chris Niosi for April Fool's day 2014. It is technically the eighth short in the series but is Non-Canon, and is meant to be a parody of TvTomeAdventures, which is also abbrieviated as "TTA."


The Five Main characters (parodies of the original TTA main cast) are having an adventure in TOME when they encounter the handsome hacker Rockoon and his chubby sidekick Chikin Dumbbling, who defeat them and teach everyone a valable lesson.


The original voice cast of TTA returned for the short, (With the exceptions of Flamegirl and Rockoon, Flamegirl being voiced by Liz Losey due to the original voice actress for Flamegirl,  Cheryl Davis, being unavailable; and Rockoon's role in the short [as it's creator] being too important to replace with another actor.)